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Information regarding the status of Enterprise services is available at: If you are experiencing problems, please check for status notifications. If no service interruptions is listed (the service is listed as online and operational) please call the Help Desk at 1-877-466-6728 (1-877-GO MNSCU), or go to to report your experience.

Fall Semester 2014 Startup

Semester start-up is always a busy time on campus. As we prepare for the upcoming fall semester and get ready to welcome students back, we are working diligently to help ensure a smooth start-up period.   To learn more about this and for helpful resource information, please visit the semester startup website at:

Read the September 2014 edition of the monthly system office ITS Division Newsletter: The Scoop .

Inside you will find information about:
  • Accounts Receivable Collections Project
  • Dear Newton Answers Readers
  • Desire2Learn Start-Up & Progress Report
  • PSEO Conference Triggers New EMP 11 Reports
  • SGI Awarded to VETS Project Team
  • System Office Moving to Office 365